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ince 1979, Polybus International has provided technology for industry in the form of Remote Terminal Units and Front-end Interface Modules for both, R TUís and PLCís. These products are dedicated to the oil and gas industry, water, waste water, power utilities and manufacturing facilities...and the vast array of system integrators serving those markets.

Keygen product imageWe also have custom design and manufacturing experience in the following bus structures, VME/VXI, IBM-PC, Multibus and Sun Micro Systems. Designs include shock and vibration mounting, EMI/RFI protection and uninterrupted power systems, for ground or air based applications.

From the beginning, Polybus International has been a customer-oriented company committed to providing a highly capable product to the sophisticated end user and system integrator. Polybus International has been supplying Front-end Interface Modules for Siemens, Texas Instruments, Allen Bradley, Modicon and G.E. line of PLCís, offering a broad family of associated products.

The Polybus International competitive edge has been based upon understanding the needs of the marketplace and matching resources to provide practical solutions. Sophisticated Computer-Aided Design equipment enhances our talented engineering teamís flexibility and precision.

I/O block product imageAt the same time, state-of-the-art test equipment enables product development efforts to stay ahead of the competition in hardware and firmware development.

Polybus Internationalsí technical applications support team is particularly skilled and knowledgeable in the industry. These highly-motivated professionals are dedicated to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Polybus International stands committed to our customers. We understand our clientsí needs for improved productivity and information: and we are dedicated to delivering products that provide solutions.

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