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Polybus International Communication Modules

It has been brought to Polybus International's attention that Siemens / Texas Instruments RTU-86xx customers are under the impression that there is no support for this product line, this is not true. Polybus International has supported, manufactured and repaired the complete RTU-86xx family since 1980. We will continue to support this product line for years to come.

Polybus International is the original designer of the RTU-86xx product line. We can provide customers with a quick turn-around time for spare parts and repairs. We will also provide full system and software support for the complete RTU86xx line.

Modbus Upgrade

With the Modbus compatible protocol the RTU8635, RTU8640 and RTU8641 will communicate with a variety of SCADA / Host CPU Systems. The Modbus compatible protocol supports the following Modbus function codes:

  • 01 Read Coil Status
  • 02 Read Input Status
  • 03 Read Holding Registers
  • 06 Preset Single Register
  • 16 Preset Multiple Registers

Contact Polybus International at (800) 426-4815 for further information.

RTU86xx Products

Analog Modem, Bell202 1200 baud full duplex operation or CCITT v.23
Communications Adapter, (Low cost replacement for RTU-8188), Radio Channel, Leased Phone Line or Private Cable
12 channel analog input expansion module

RTU8635 System:
The 8635 includes 8 digital inputs, 8 programmable digital input/outputs, 4 analog inputs, 2 high speed accumulators, and 2 serial ports.
RTU8635-SSD 22 Point Fixed I/O RTU with Dual RS-232C
RTU8635-MSD 22 Point fixed I/O RTU with 202 Modem/RS232C Ports
RTU-1035 RTU8635 Base and cover kit
RTU-1235 Isolated AC power module
RTU-A235 Analog input expansion board (4 point)
RTU-A735 Analog output expansion (2 point)
RTU-TD35 RTU8635 DC I/O Termination panel

RTU8641 System:
The 8641 includes a RTU-MO56-A CPU, termination panels to support 7 I/O modules, backpanel and I/O chassis with a swing out door. A RTU-SAM-x must be ordered with each system.
RTU8641-ST Modular RTU with full door enclosure for 7 I/O boards
RTU8641-SXT Full door expansion chassis for 8 I/O boards
RTU8641-PT Modular RTU with half door enclosure for 7 I/O boards
RTU8641-PXT Half door expansion chassis for 8 I/O boards
RTU-MO56-A CPU for RTU8641 and RTU8640
RTU-DIN-1 16 Point digital input module
RTU-DOT-1 16 Point digital output module
RTU-DOR-1 16 Point relay output module (form C, 24 Vdc coil) 
RTU-IHA-1 16 Point isolated high level analog input module
RTU-ILA-1 16 Point isolated low level analog input module
RTU-RTD-1 8 point 100 Ohm Rtdinput (2, 3 or 4 wire)
RTU-HSA-1 8 Point 10 KHz high-speed accumulator input
RTU-AOT-1 8 point analog output module (0 - 5.12 Vdc / 0 - 28.48 mA)
RTU-SAM-A 115 Vac System auxiliary module
RTU-SAM-D +12 - 28 Vdc System auxiliary module
RTU-8450-2 CMOS communications module (RS232C and modem, async/sync)
RTU-8450-3 CMOS communications module (dual RS232C, async/sync)
RTU-8188-0 Communication adapter module (RS232C) w/ RTU-1311 cable.
RTU-8188-2 Communication adapter module (Radio/Modem) w/ RTU-1311 cable.
RTU-8189 Communication adapter module (RS232C to local line) w/ cables.

RTU8640 System:
The 8640 includes 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs, 4 high speed accumulators, 2 analog outputs.
RTU8640-SST Non-isolated analog inputs
RTU8640-SAT Isolated analog inputs
RTU8640-RST Non-isolated analog inputs, Form C Relays
RTU8640-RAT Isolated analog inputs, Form C Relays
RTU-TO52-T Termination panel with backpanel for 8640-Sxx
RTU-TO58-T Termination panel with backpanel for 8640-Rxx

Pricing and Information

Consult Factory 1-800-426-4815

1727 Via Rancho San Lorenzo, CA 94580 - 1-510-276-7103