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Frequently asked questions regarding the the 8171, 8175, 8191 and 8195 products.

What is the difference between the Keygen (RTU8191/71) and the Modem (RTU8195/75)?
The Keygen provides the user with an RS232 compatible output, the Modem provides the user with an audio BELL202 output.
Where do I call my program from on the S5-95U?
All users programs are called from Program Block 1 (PB1).
What is the RTU8272-m?
There is no such model called the RTU8272-m, this was a misprint in Siemens 214RTU release notes, it should have been model RTU8175-m the EIA485 to BELL202 modem.
When do I enable (ON) and disable (OFF) I/O Service Routine?
You will need to enable I/O Service Routine when you are communicating to outputs. I/O Service Routine will need to be disabled when you are manipulating outputs directly.
How is my I/O addressed in modbus?
For the S5-95U refer to technical note TN95-1. For the S7-214/224 and 216/226 refer to technical note TN214-1.
I need help with my application program?
We do not provide application programming support for your PLC. You will need to contact Siemens Support or your local distributor.
I need to communicate at 1200/2400 baud with my S7-214/224 or 216/226?
Refer to technical note TN214-2.
Where do I call my program code from on the S7-214/224 or 216/226?
Refer to technical note TN214-3.

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