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Standard Warranty

The Seller warrants to the Buyer that the original equipment furnished hereunder will be free from defects material and workmanship, and will be of the kind and quality designated or described on the invoice. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties whether written, oral, or implied (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose). If within 12 months from the date of shipment this equipment does not meet the warranty specified above, and the Buyer notifies the Seller promptly, and the defective unit is received by Seller no later that 2 weeks from date of notification, the Seller shall thereupon correct any such defect, either (at the Seller's option) by repairing any defective part or parts which are returned to the Seller freight prepaid, or by making available at the Buyer's plant (via lowest freight rate) a repaired or replacement part. The Seller will take this corrective action only after the Seller's examination of such unit shall disclose, to its satisfaction, that such defects or failures have not been caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation, repair, alteration or accident. The Seller's liability to the Buyer arising out of the supplying of this equipment, or its use, whether on warranty, contract, or negligence, shall not in any case exceed the cost of the correcting defects in the equipment as herein provided, and upon the expiration of the applicable warranty period as aforesaid, all such liability shall terminate. This warranty shall not apply to defects in or failures of sub-unit or sub-assembly items manufactured by other companies, which are connected to the Polybus International products. Such sub-units and sub-assemblies shall carry only those warranties provided by the original manufacturer. The foregoing shall constitute the Buyer's sole remedy and the Seller's sole liability. In no event shall the Seller be liable for special or consequential damages.

Out Of Warranty Repair

Upon receipt of the product, Polybus International will repair or replace the product with new or equivalent to new product that has been subjected to appropriate burn-in tests. Repair, labor and/or parts replacement made at your request will be billed to you at the then current rates and conditions for Polybus International. Repairs will be processed in the order received from customers with typical turnaround of four weeks. Polybus International will send a replacement product upon receipt of a purchase order. You will be billed for the replacement and a credit will be issued upon receipt of the product for repair, minus cost of repairs. Express replacement is available. Factory repair is restricted to correcting or replacing the defective parts. Cosmetic refurbishment will not be performed. All products returned to Polybus International for repair must be properly packed, marked and shipped prepaid. Polybus International will ship repaired products prepaid.

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